The world has suddenly become small. Just a few years ago we found ourselves reading fiction books and comics filled with dreams and imaginations of things that did not exist, and now we find that many of those things that were only imagined have become part of our everyday lives.

A few days ago I was standing in an airport terminal watching people go by. Just about everybody was talking to somebody that I could not see. Some were typing on a small 2 inch wide key pad and sending type written mail to people on the other side of the world. Just think about it. Millions of letters are being sent out every second of every day with no postage stamps and no postman to deliver the mail. We just press SEND and suddenly they are receiving and reading the mail thousands of miles apart.

Perhaps I am showing my age, but I am finding life to be very interesting and filled with excitement. Children and young teens today arrive in this world with all these gadgets already here. They grow up knowing how to do things that many of us older ones are having to really work hard to figure out. How does it make you feel when something goes wrong with your computer, and a third grader comes along and repairs it for you in a matter of seconds?

I could spend many hours writing about awesome things that are now part of our everyday lives that were only thoughts and dreams a short while ago.

Everything we enjoy in life started out with somebody somewhere looking on things not seen as yet. Somebody thought about how wonderful it would be if man could ride in a horseless carriage. Millions and millions of cars and trucks are on the move all around the world today. Someone thought about how nice it would be to fly. They started working on the impossible dream, and as a result of not giving up when it all seemed hopeless, millions of people are above the clouds today flying all over this world all the time. We only dreamed about space ships and read about them in comic books a few years ago, and now we have flying objects in space discovering things on Mars and looking beyond. Man is taking the impossible dreams and efforts of past generation. Their hope has given us hope. Their dreams have inspired us to dream and think of possibilities of what we can do now with what we have learned from those who lived before us.

About 2000 years ago a small child was found on the streets of Jerusalem. There was a lot of talk around town about this lad who came into this world with nothing but impossible circumstances in his life. He was reported to have been born of a virgin, and some folks were finding him to be able to speak to lawyers and doctors on their level when he was just a child. As he grew a little older he was called on to provide wine at a wedding when there was no wine. This was an impossible situation, but that did not stop this young man from filling the need. He did it in a way that had never been done before, nor has anybody found a way to do this since that time. Jesus turned water into wine, and the need was met.

After that time his fame grew, and thousands of people started searching for him. Some wanted to just get close enough to touch him one time, and as Jesus would come near them blind folks received sight, deaf people started hearing, cripple people started running and leaping. Dead people lived again. Some believe, and others doubted the reports about all this man could do. He walked on the water, fed more than 5000 people with a little child’s lunch and had 12 baskets of food left over. This man was nailed to a cross and died with sinners on a cross. The history of his life was written before he was born, and after he arrived he demonstrated the very things that had been written about him by people who had lived and died before he was in the world. He was in the world, and the world was made by him. That seems a impossible…RIGHT??? He assured his followers that he would rise again after his death. Many people found that very difficult to believe, and some walked away saying …”This is going just too far…IMPOSSIBLE!!! Nevertheless, Jesus kept going forward knowing that a certain type of light that could shine into deep darkness would only come forth if he did his part to make it happen. The Word of God had been made flesh, and everywhere he went people looked upon him and saw the Spirit of God in demonstration through his deeds and in the words he spoke. While standing in the midst of several hundred people soon after he had been discovered to be alive again after having been crucified, he started going up. There were no wings, no jet fuel involved, and there was simple no way, but he did.

Where am I going with all these words? I am getting ready to bring this blog to a close as we consider the result of this man called Jesus living on this earth. He lived, and he died, but he got up and started living again. He made a promise to those who believe on his name. He said he would always be with us. He would give us a comforter and he would never leave us or forsake us. He also said that we would be able to spend forever with him in a place where there will never be sickness, pain or death. IMPOSSIBLE? Perhaps it is impossible, but don’t let that stop you.

Jesus has been proven to be able to do the impossible. All things are possible to those that believe. You can believe that you can fly resulting in billions of people flying for ages to come. You can believe that a light bulb can actually be built that will light up and drive away darkness, and it can happen, and things happen as a result of believing even as a result of what has already been done that we have seen with our eyes and handled with our hands.

Do you believe it is possible that you can have peace of mind, and live a very happy life with all your needs supplied by this same Jesus today and then live again after you die in a place where Jesus will be there with you forever and ever and ever? If you think this is impossible, you are right. So what’s new? Just get in on it.

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