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I am here trying to help somebody to grab hold of the good life.

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What If You Could Remove Your Past Mistakes?

If you could find away to have your past mistakes removed from your life, would you do it? Perhaps you may think this is a joke or that it is impossible to have your mistakes of the past completely taken away.  I am here to explain that you can have all of your past mistakes removed, and you can be as pure and clean as a new-born baby.

Have you ever looked into the eyes of a tiny baby that is just starting to explore life?  A little baby has something that we all desire from time to time. There is no guilt, no shame, no hidden sins, and the smile on the face of that child is real.

I will make this short and get to the point.  Do you really desire to erase the mistakes of your past?  I found the answer, and it worked for me and millions of others.

Start now to really believe with all your heart that there is a real God and that this real God created all things.  Once you believe this with all your heart, it is easy to have your past mistakes removed from your life forever.  Your friends and family members may remember them, and you may recall them from time to time, but I promise you right here and right now that God can take away every mistake of your past and give you a new start just like a tiny baby.

When you are sure that you believe that God is real, talk to him.  This is known as praying to God.  God has promised to take our past sins away and to never remember them against us again forever.  Have you heard about Jesus?  Jesus was a baby that lived in Bethlehem about 2000 years ago.  Jesus was very special.  His mother was still a virgin after the birth of Jesus, and his father was God.  (The Spirit that made all things)  This child, Jesus was a gift to mankind and was destined by God to take the punishment for all of our sins regardless of how nasty they may have been.  When a believer becomes ashamed of the past mistakes enough that confession from the heart unto God begins, the great God who made all things does what nobody else can do.  He removes all of our guilt and shame forever as far as the east is from the west.  From that moment forward you are not a sinner.  In order to make sure that you can continue to stay pure in heart and sinless in the eyes of God, you should learn more about God’s great keeping power and how our heavenly Father has made it possible by his grace  through faith to keep us  pure and sinless in the eyes of God all the days of our lives.

When you have believed with all your heart and confessed your sins with great sorrow to God, you should not have a problem with the name of Jesus being spoken, or saying praise words like, “Hallelujah… Praise The Lord…etc”  When you read the Bible, you will find that the words in the Bible seem to speak to your heart, and you will discover things as you pray and read the Bible that you never knew before when you were out there in the darkness hurting  yourself over and over.

Jesus gave the plan of full salvation to a small group of followers and opened their understanding so that they would set the examples for all of to know what to do after we have believed on the Lord and asked him to forgive us.

I suggest you should read the book of ACTS several times and see exactly what those original believers in God’s original Church believed about God, and follow their examples and instructions.  Please do not try to get opinions from your friends or family members, and not even your preacher. Wait until God has given you more understanding.  Your experience and the change in your life will speak volumes as you go forward and gain wisdom and understanding.   This is just between you and God, and God is your best friend, and nobody will ever give you better understanding than Jesus.

You believed and then you confessed with a sorrowful heart that you had been a sinner. In the book of Acts you will find the examples of what comes next.  Since you repented, your next step is to find a minister who will baptize you in the name of Jesus.  That is the only way the original Church baptized.  Acts 2:37 gives us the question that was asked by a multitude of sinners who had just become believers “…WHAT SHALL WE DO…?  The answer comes right after that question for all believers who have repented, and there is a promise that goes with it as you keep reading.  God promised to give you the Holy Spirit.  This is very necessary because the power that we need to stay pure in the eyes of God is in the presence of the Holy Spirit that God has promised to all believers who will repent and be baptized in the name of Jesus.

There is much more information that I will be sharing in videos on YouTube, in live presentation on FaceBook and all over the internet on various websites.  Please get started today, and let God take your sins away. Ask your best friend, Jesus to keep you pure by the power of the Holy Spirit which is (Jesus Christ in you…Your only hope to enjoy great victory for the rest of your days before you enter into the joys of the Lord in another place forever and ever.

God bless

Ren Rutledge


Our awesome God has loved us so much, that he has made it possible for anybody in the world to be able to rise above the failure of humanity with a very simple plan of salvation. God was not playing when he warned Adam that all things must done according to the will of God. He was not playing when he said that he would destroy Sodom and Gomorrah. God was not playing when he told Noah to build a boat on dry land because of the wicked hearts of humanity. God was not playing when he destroyed entire families as a result of wickedness. He was not playing when he inspired old testament writers to declare that a Savior would be provided opening blinded eyes and making a way when there was no way. God is not playing today as he instructs all of us to repent and be baptized in the name of Jesus Christ. God is not playing when makes a promise. If you will obey the instructions in Acts 2:38, you will learn how to worship the heavenly Father in spirit and in truth. God is not playing games, neither will you be playing games when you find true salvation that only comes from the God of truth.
Ren Rutledge


This is a matter of deep concern.  I am calling on the people of God everywhere to join me in prayer for all organizations proclaiming the truth of Jesus name and the Holy Ghost power.  Let us all pray that those who hold important positions in organizations will find the mind of God before rendering harsh treatment and strong judgement toward the workers in the field who are giving their lives for souls in the midst of strong persecution which seems to not only come from the world but sometimes creeps into our systems that we have loved and worked with for the cause of Christ through the years.  Brothers and sister, please allow God to direct those of you who hold positions in these systems, and let us not stand in the way of the called out chosen ones who are out there on the battle field doing exploits for God.  I have seen a lot of abuse and ungodly judgement coming from the powers of elected officials causing hurt and serious pain to dedicated praying people of faith who were giving it all to God.  Those who are holding positions in our systems should never be guilty of hurting others who are answering the call of God and giving an account to the only master they have.  Organization is not the master.  God has never delegated any of our positions in organizations to be another person in the Godhead.  There is only one God, one judge, and one who has the power to be supreme master of those he has called in to the work of the Lord.  The fellowship of the true people of God does not depend on a fellowship card that we subscribe to, but the light that is provided to us is coming directly from Jesus Christ, and when we walk in this light we have fellowship with one another, and the blood of Jesus (not the back room meetings of officials) cleanses us from anything that may look or seem wrong.  The job of those elected officials we have trusted to hold positions in our systems is to support and help, not to kill and destroy.  Brothers and sisters please check yourselves, and check those spirits that may be leading you while you perhaps have fallen into the trick of being too busy to pray with a sincere heart.  God has never called his leaders of organized systems to destroy his workers in the field, nor will he bless us if we bow down and worship the system.  We say that we are One God people, and I believe most of us really are one God Jesus name Holy Ghost people.  It seems that a few of our leaders have decided to believe that the organized effort is equal with God.   God has never been pleased with his people worshiping systems or things they have built regardless of how many times they may have shouted with victory.  God will never stand for this, and it should be stopped before God destroys these “most holy”  towers. Any ministry or system that becomes Lord over others is not of God..  Pray that God will fix this in the name of Jesus and change the hearts of those who may have become corrupt in their efforts to rule over the kingdom of God.  Ren Rutledge