Ren Rutledge


The link above takes you to the Awesome Norwich Tabernacle site where you can watch live video and make donation…. We are excited that you are interested in helping us to spread the word of God in our troubled world.  People are still being blessed and healed today all around this globe.

Have you checked out the World Pulpit lately?  This is an expanding internet Ren Rutledgeministry website filled with treasures of blessings.  Many people in Ren Rutledgethe world today are hurting, and there is a need for positive answers and solutions for millions of souls who never go to Church and most of them have very little understanding about anything to do with Christianity or the the positive answers that have been found by a few of us.  I have been  concerned for many years about the lost multitudes of souls at our fingertips.  Millions are sitting at computers today looking for some kind of answer.  My experience through the years has been disappointing.  It seems that many of my peers tend to find something wrong with anything new that attracts people.    So many of us seemingly forget about the commission of our Lord to go into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature.

All the creatures are not limited to our local assemblies or organizations.  What has happened to us?  How is it that so many of my friends seem to want to ignore the opportunity set before us with communication possibilities all around us and all over this world?

Just think about it.  Millions of souls can hear the good news of the Gospel that will set them free from sin simply by clicking on a mouse.

I spend many hours looking at email and private message responses from all over the world.  Sometimes I am drivin to my knees as I see how God has taken just a little effort and a small amount of my time to change a life somewhere on the other side of the world who never knew that Jesus was real and salvation and healing has been available from the time of their birth until now.

Will you please consider supporting this ministry with your prayers and with money.  We  have been reaching out on the internet and expanding ever since internet became public.  We have witnessed thousands of souls coming to God, and it is happening more than ever today. The financial need is so great and the  call of God is so strong to do this work that I simply cannot put money in a home or save up money for retirement.  Please try to understand.  I am not complaining, and I love the way I live.  All I have to leave my family will be a worn out recliner and perhaps an old car with Arkansas Tags. The main thing my children and grandchildren can enjoy will be the faith and blessings I have found and handed down to them.  It does not get better than that.  Money is something we can use to win the lost while we are alive and able,  That is more important than leaving a will for the next generation.  Let your children get a job and work to earn their own money so they can also learn to invest in the work of God.  Put your money to work now for the more important matters that will please our wonderful Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

My only desire is to be used of God until I face my last days knowing that I did my best for God.  If this is not the way you feel to answer the call in your life it is ok.  One plants, another waters and God gives the increase.  I really don’t know where I fit in on this list, but I do know that I am on that list somewhere, and I am so grateful for what God is doing in my life as souls are daily coming out of sin and clinging to the mercy of God that they learn about in this internet ministry.


Please consider sending a gift to this ministry.  We are the Apostolic Network with offices in the Norwich Tabernacle in Norwich, Connecticut, USA.  I am Ren Rutledge and I consider my mission in life is to reach out to people with all the tools that are available for people  of all backgrounds and denominations who have received and are teaching wrong information about the godhead and the salvation plan.

I have personally been used of God to bring many trinity pastors to the Lord during the past 28 years.  Most of those that have seen the light  have gone to the water again to be baptized in the name of Jesus.  Some of these precious pastors had spent years trying to serve God with an incomplete salvation plan,  and they had fallen for a trick of Satan to follow after the false teaching concerning a three person god that does not exist.  They discovered truth on these website provided by the Norwich Tabernacle and the Apostolic Network owned by the Norwich Tabernacle.  It is so wonderful to listen to these enlightened souls as they get excited about the truth they have found in Acts 2:38 after they have been lacking understanding about the godhead and the salvation plan in the Bible for many years.  Some of them have baptized entire congregations in the Name of Jesus in various parts of the world.  Trinity believing title baptizing people are not our enemies, and they need us to show ourselves friendly to them.  Kindness is not compromise.

These new converts had believed on the Lord and sought after truth, but the enemy of their souls tried to prevent them from finding the complete truth that is available and necessary for real salvation .  Sadly, when some of them found people of truth,  several reported that they were treated poorly by Jesus name people who see, to  have good understanding about the mighty God in Christ but seem to lack understanding about how to be kind to others.  I sometimes get very vexed at some of my dearest friends that I have worked with for years in the ministry.  What happens when people get the Holy Ghost and get baptized in Jesus name? Is speaking in tongues and getting baptized in the name of Jesus our ultimate goal?   Is there not a call going forth  from our Lord for all of us to reach out to others?  Did not Jesus commission us to go into all the world and reach out to every creature on earth?

Why do we seek after God, receive his blessings and the gift of understanding only to find ourselves sitting around with nothing to do but attend a couple of Church services a week as some of us argue and fight about issues that are not important? It is easy for us to feel good about having a good service at Church and go home looking forward to the next service.  It is also easy to ignore people who know nothing about this wonderful truth especially when your only concern is for your family and a few friends while you ignore praying and Bible study since you do not seem to need all of that stuff any more.  Some of my friends seem to consider every sinner to be the enemy, especially those from other denominations.  Sinners are not our problem.  The enemy that seems to give me the greatest challenge shows up sometimes in mean spirited people of truth trying to rule over other as they advise us to slow down and stop this nonsense of reaching out on the internet?   I am amazed when I witness such childish actions from some of my closest friends and loved ones who hold positions in organized systems and even pastor large congregations as they seem to manifest that they have no understanding or desire to know about what winning souls is all about. As long as they get the tithes, a nice home to live in and a beautiful new car every two years they seem to be content, and they are to busy going to conferences and camp meetings to spend any time in outreach.  I am sorry, but I do not think God is pleased with this.  Hate me if you wish, but we need to wake up and heed the call from God.  We have not been called to be the LORD and BOSS of a few people while we ignore all the sinners walking past our doors.  I do not believe God is pleased when we consider midweek service and Sunday service as a time to testify only to those who already know the truth and then preach loud and strong to make sure that a few people agree with some private hangup about silly issues that are not necessary or important while the world around us knows nothing about how to get saved.

We need your support at this time more than ever before.  There is so much opportunity, and there are so many people coming to God right now who need us to be here. I am having difficulty finding people with a burden for the lost.   Saving souls requires a lot of patience. A soul coming to God is more than just a number in the crowd that spoke in tongues for a couple of minutes.  Did God save us so we could hear somebody speak in tongues and be counted on a list of people who made an evangelist look good or the conference report to be greater than the report that went out last year?  Have you thought about changing your ways since you have received the Holy Ghost?   Sometimes  we have to change even more after we come to God than we did before we accepted the truth.  Knowing the truth brings great responsibility, and I firmly believe this.  If we do not use what God has given us, we will lose it.  Sometimes we need to be able to do without some physical things in life that make us comfortable.  Those of us on the battlefield working with Jesus to save the lost are finding that you must be willing to leave the comfort zone in order to have success in winning souls.  Sometimes family and friends may  not understand us,  and some of them may tend to not agree with the way we follow the call of God.  No Problem!   Please understand, this will happen, and it is ok.  You do not have to please them all.  There is no way to satisfy every negative minded disgruntled wet blanked dead to faith friend or family member that may try to put out your fire with their sorry attitudes and lack of faith.

Do you have an interest in doing something good for the Lord today?


You can make a difference by making a donation now to this ministry.  I do not receive a salary, and I have been giving all tithes and offerings back to the Church that I pastor in Norwich, Connecticut for 28 years.  God has kept me here doing this work at timeswhen nobody else was there to help, and most people I know express no understanding or desire to help us.  God still continues to back this effort anyhow, and this note is written as a result of prayer.  God has prompted me to write these words on behalf of an angry God who is not impressed with all of our mission programs combined.  Donating to the expense account of headquarters officials and making missionaries beg all year while millions of dollars are drawing interest in bank accounts w is not God’s plan. Thank God for sincere souls who find the Lord anyhow in spite of all of our programs and ideas that we think are so great.  Every dollar in savings for missions should be released now and given directly to every soul winning missionary on the field preaching the truth, and every truth teaching Holy Ghost filled missionary should be backed by everybody in every organization and independent work where people have the real truth and the power of God working in their lives.  We should all be praying for them and supporting them all everyday as we help them to stay as long as they can in the place where they are winning the lost to Jesus with no requirement to ever travel again to raise funds in order to be able to return to the field a few months later depending on the approval of a few men who know how to enforce rules but somehow lost their faith and trust in God and started trusting the system instead.

I am not against anybody, and I am not bitter, but God has not called me to get involved in the politics of organizational battle ship circles filled with division and debate as some have become corrupt claiming to be united while fighting one another year after year over silly issues and demonstrating their goal of finding something wrong with anything they do not understand or agree with.  I continue to love them all,  and I will continue work with them when I have time and feel like enduring their foolishness, but I will not be a partaker of their evil deeds resulting in division or debates or  fighting over issues that are so common with some people who seem to only find joy when they demonstrate the ability to use a position in a system as a reason to be mean spirited to others.  If this shoe does not fit you, please do not try to put it on. 🙂

I am looking for somebody out there that can feel and see what it is that we are trying to do, and I sincerely believe as I write these words that somebody is going to hear from God and send thousands of dollars to give this outreach ministry a needed boost.  Every month for many years our overhead has been more than 5000.00 per month.   Included in that amount is $1600.00 per month for a store front basement on main street, 1000.00 per month for utilities. thousands per month for leased servers providing the necessary bandwidth and power for us to be able to  reach out to millions with video, audio and many types of internet sites including our own social media sites with thousands of subscribers and internet connections in all countries.  Your help at this time is needed, and we will be very grateful for your offerings during this time when the economy is weak and bills are high.  Hungry souls are paying attention to the truth, and many are calling on us to continue to teach them.  I have more than 20,000 emails right now that need an answer, and we are trying to delegate some of the work to dedicated people of God because this is serious.  Some of the starving people in Africa we are trying to feed each month actually die of starvation between services before we can get funds to them.  We send funds directly to people in charge of helping those who have no food and no good water to drink in poor countries.  We are finding that doors are opened for truth as we reach out in love and compassion to do what we can.   When more funds become available through your donations, we hope to visit some of these poor third world countries where thousands are tuning in to the truth every day and asking us to please come and teach them more about this wonderful plan of Jesus Name Salvation Truth.

God used internet ministry to connect us with souls in Tartarstan, Russia in 1998.  God sent me and  a small group of friends to minister to the leaders of 35,000 Church members about this precious truth.  We taught them day and night for a solid week about Jesus name baptism and the understanding in the word that was available about the mighty God in Christ.  I had no money to go there, but the call of God provided miracles, and the need was supplied by mostly non truth people who had no knowledge of what we were talking about when we mentioned Acts 2:38.  I was not able to get donations from my Pentecostal friends around the world to take that trip.  When I made the need known, I was ignored and told by some that I must go through the system and get approved.   God spoke to the heart of a Catholic Priest who heard that I felt God calling me to go to Tartarstan to distribute Bibles.  That priest requested after his Sunday morning mass for his members to donate to the cause of the preacher in the little store front Church on main street in Norwich, and help him take Bibles to Tartarstan.  All day long people were handing me money.  Some of them were smoking, and some had the smell of whiskey on their breath, but God used them when Jesus name people holding on to traditions would not respond.  We went to Tartarstan backed by the Almighty God of truth,  supported by non-truth friends and a donation from a wonderful couple in our Church.  I rejoiced as many Russians wept while holding the thousands of Russian Bibles that we delivered to them in Tartarstan.  Thousands of souls had been trying to serve God for many years even in underground Churches while under the forceful demonic rule of the Communist party in the USSR, and they had never even seen a real Bible.  I watched them hold to those new Russian Bibles and weep.  Some of them were on the floor with tears flowing across the pages of their Bibles.  As a result we are hearing reports today of  thousands of people preaching truth not only in Tartarstan, but in many parts of Russia.  It only took $3000 for me to spend that blessed week teaching the truth to those dear people, and only eternity will reveal the treasures of blessings in lives that will be in Heaven forever,as a result of us listening to God rather than man with his efforts to place a cap on the work of faith.

Please consider allowing yourself to be used of God today.  If you will donate to this outreach effort, I know God will bless you just as he is blessing me in more ways that I will ever be able to explain in this lifetime.


If you prefer to use regular mail, please send a check or money order made payable to CHURCH AT NORWICH and mail it to Ren Rutledge – 207 Main Street – Norwich, Connecticut – 06360   I would love to hear from you if you plan to donate.  Please give me a call at anytime day or night. 860-823-1953 .  If I am not available please leave a message and be sure to leave your phone number.  I do not have caller ID at that number.

I am not ashamed or afraid to ask you for money today.  The cause is much greater than how anybody feels about it, and frankly I am not paying attention to ungodly pessimistic people holding the truth in unrighteousness who have nothing good to say or do about the cause of winning souls to Jesus.  They can just complain to God, I am too busy to stop and baby sit with them.  Sinners seem to be needing my time and energy more than some who seem to know more about the work of God than the Apostles.

Please let God use you today to make a big difference for souls that you can help right now if you will.  Ren Rutledge

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